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What'S In Store For Etf Investors In 2022

What'S In Store For Etf Investors In 2022

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What should I wait for ETF investors

Meet Tom Lydon

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 What's in Store for ETF Investors in 2022-ECONOMYSTERY.com

Meet Tom Lydon

Tom Lydon is the chairman of the Global Trends Investments, editor and owner of Entets.com. With more than twenty-five years of experience in asset management, Herrlydon's career at Fidelity Investments Institutional Division before the investments of the global trend and ETF trend are started.The trend after the game book is Mr.Lydon a sought -after lecture. It is often performances for CNBC and the FOX activities make it one of the recognized and most respected commentators in the ETF industry. The largest industrial sector and investment conferences and moderator for webinars.

What Is In This Section?

Do you hear it? It is the sound of global global investors who have been stacked in storage funds (ETF) for two years. For the first time, the annual global net entry into ETF minus one billion dollars 2021. This offers global total assets in ETF to ten trillionUS dollar, more than twice as much.

What is the ETF investor 2022? We go directly to the expert, the only Tom Lydon, CEO of ETF trends and a good friend of us here at Investopedia.

Happy New Year for you. And before we step in, we have to tell the people that you and I organize the investment in the ETF universe, where we have to examine what technology, crypto, ESG, interest income, global investments and more forAll are free. And thousands have already been registered. So go to hells.com/webcasts to register.

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It will be an explosion, Caleb.

I know that there is so much to speak and we have some great people on the bridge to ask questions and we have already received hundreds of questions.

Tom, let's determine the stage for 2022.In view of what we have known so far, we know that we will be in an increasing interest rate. It can no longer give government spending. It will probably be more crypto recordings and it will certainly be more ETF.But where they are, what are the big things you see on the horizon?

Firstly, the demand for ETF probably does not reduce the speed because, as you noticed, we have all invested in financial classes. I believe that there is a lot of positivity on the market at the moment, even if there are hardly any concerns about the values of values. The good things, even if it was a murderer for the market, was not dominated by fangakts. You did it well. And as you know, there is about 25% of marketing in the S&P five hundred and about 50% ofMarketing in the Nasdaq 100. But even the right weight, the S&P five hundred was almost as much as the S&P.te value almost as much as R&P.

As you notice, the concerns about inflation and rising interest rates are not so large for growth lacquer. But when smaller companies or valuable shares actually see love because many consultants and investors are diversified in these areas, this is really positive.that the greatest care is on the other side of the equilibrium, based on the interest rate. Inflation is not good for bonds, since hundreds of billions of dollars are bound to AG.

And they are thinking of those who are approaching retirement or pensions, currently fed with a very low return after thirty years of falling interest rates, but now they are in the situation in which interest rates are increasing, and can actually lose money in their zinsport folios. So they react. Press more money in bar.pengivering prices are low, but now they have $ seven trillion. As account accounts and banks cost fifteen trillion US dollars. It is definitely a problem for the market, probably one of the biggestProblems we have seen for decades while fasting.

Yes. After they were hard for the people who expected it. And we know that consultants and investment strategists have more against the more severe share of the portfolio. Many people there, even if so many people depend on the interest rateMost sectors on the market did it well. They had rebound and energy, of course a very big problem, but it was probably useful, but they will see the balanced point on a basketball layer. They will be many double songs with doubles andhave some steals and some return, but it is part of the market that was a bit too high and looks susceptible in 2021.When we get in, do you look like you won't get out quickly enough, or it seems to be a bit up?

We know that areas, including the interest rate, the challenged market, areas such as China.china and China-related ETFs, in particular technology-related China ETFs, accepts in a great way. And even after a really good year until 2020, up to disturbing technologies,Cathie Wood and the people in leaves and all the other people who really had the thematic ETFs gave him a lot back in 2020.Watch the dead, or was it a natural correction in a much growth area? And could it be a shopping option? I think there will be some of the big questions that will start next year.

I don't want to invest in Cathie Wood. I don't want to invest in China.China is also coming back, but I think we saw a certain volatility from security in some of these hot points. The biggest start in ETF history for one billion dollars in a few days with a few days with the Pro shares, Bito Etf.PC Great when you look into the room, but here too it is the big question that we want to see the Bitcoin ETF -Base -Ort. This is the big question.

Yes, the listeners remember that we had Jan van Eyck on the podcast not too long ago. Talk about Van Eyck's new offers. But expect that one of these regulation makes them easier or sharpen them in 2022?We know that the SEC keeps an eye on the cryptocurrency. The exchange itself and the exchange itself and the exchange even with many of these ETFs and other related products that become true, you can expect it to be tightened, or think we will see a little separatelyAnd see other new products for investors who are there?

Unfortunately, at the moment I think that the SEC and Gary General message is that it gave the market what they wanted, not everything they wanted. They have access to an ETF.He relies on the strategy of forty Action Fund. It is regulated. He has confidence in the strategy based on the future, and spent a lot of time at CFTC and organizes this area and regulates this area.in a situation in which it is a choice.

You can buy an ETF in your faith or in your Schwab account. It correlates pretty well with the bargain price, but there are others.and it will probably not take months, but maybe in the year before we finally see a place Bitcoin ETF.

Let's go worldwide for a second, dominated by the USA when it was expected in 2022?

It has really been an American market in the past ten years. Developed markets had a hard time and maybe part of the fact that we had such a growth -oriented market and more growth -oriented shares in the United States.Cheap, it is relatively cheap, almost 40% discount compared to the S&P 500. It will make sense to be there from a diversification perspective. If you are a diversified investor, there are many good options.New markets from a relative point of view are even cheaper and that they will have so much more growth in the future.

So if you are patient and have long -term perspectives, there are a number of fantastic offers that have to be selected if you have more a hometown in your portfolio. And the average investor has a very high connection to S&P that you know, Caleb, it makes sense as long as it wins.Then small hats. Long -term big hats, but this has not been the case in the past ten years. If you look at the little hat in Russell 2000, you also come from a rating, cheaper warehouse that will be recaptured at some point.

But the big one was bigger, not only in stock, where the catch store is so concentrated and you have Microsoft, and you also have Tesla there. The concentration on the most important indices, the market weight index, but also on concentration - ETF - ETF ',Did you grow big ETFs in 2021, just like in 2020. And you know who you are. Many people are actively invested or passive.

In the end, the market returns to the meat, and it was an incredible twelve years that emerged from the financial crisis in large caps.has changed the market. The technology moves at the speed of speed that Cathie Woods in the world and the thematic disruptive technology company are areas in which they have to be.. It is good. If you want to be in the future, you must now be committed.

Well, the pleasant is the regulatory landscape for ETF -is only easier, inviting. The big things are more and more emtents that are on the market. For example, they are an investment consultant.It is not difficult for you to found your own ETF. In the deed, we can, but against this background there is so much more creativity. It is so much easier to market good ideas.It is an ETF for everything.

Well, I don't do anyone with you if we don't get the best ticker because it is about the ticker for me and what you can put on a T-shirt, so we have to think about it, but why not? How can retail investorsTake into account what should be taken into account when making decisions? If you look at the five best checklist for every investor if you examine an investment when examining an ETF, what do you recommend?

Yes. First of all, it is fun and entertaining to talk about sausages like a crypto, but it will only be a small part of a consultation customer portfolio or individual investor sports folio, so we make sure that we refine it.That core positions really are what this growth will give in the future. If, for example, we had almost a billion dollars of new money, ETFs came, more than one hundred billion US dollars came to the three best S&P five hundred ETF.So history is rather the great ones, they continue to receive the assets and ensure that they are essentially assigned to them correctly.To the strategy for the new year.

So some main topics will be inflation and interest increase. So what do you do with your regular income sports folio? What do you do about 60-40? Many consultants and investors move to 70-30 or even 80-20, since it is not security, althoughThe interest in interest is.

However, we know that areas such as raw materials, energy, agriculture and coal were warm. And even it is also a case for crypto there, so there are many raw material categories that do very well in the 21st COPD.COPD is an area because we seem to have a cleaner world, increasingly focus on carbon bags, and there is an unpleasant area on the market. It is very, very well done. Green energy, green energy.There are many people, not only baby boomers, but young investors say, Hey, I want a diversified portfolio, but there are some parts that I really don't want to come back. And I want to clean up my portfolio. Can make it very cheap today,you don't have to give up the performance.

Yes. I would like to talk to you about it, which is why ESG is clearly a big burger king advertising, take it on your way. And investors can have it today.There are platforms such as canvas with which you can see companies in and from your portfolios, or your consultant can do so for you, but more and more of it.

And then ESG is full to recognize that some companies have been found in some of the best ESG funds that our listeners know that they are surprising because they have done it.Love hot roof 2022.Don't ask if this gives me this. What do you think can it happen out of nowhere in 2022, which can surprise us?

I think back to the interest. Investors are not ready for Verizon's interest.You are not ready for what it will do for portfolios. I am still a bit shocked by the amount that corresponds to the mutual target date in 401,000 plans, so remember when you were ready in the coming yearsto withdraw farmers you will retire. You no longer want income. It is important that you keep it safe.

Well, this 50% or 60% are not safe in an increasing speed environment, number one and number two, if you are sixty-five years old, there is a good chance that you live 85.And if you still have twenty years, why do you want a larger part of this growth or valuation or return relationship have shares where you can do the low interest rate that we now have in the threat to interest income? I think there are big onesEyes open.The event that we want to happen is when we start prices to start and see people how it affects their portfolio negatively, they will increase. And if they all fight against productions to sell interest at the same time, it will all be worse.

There will be one of these extremes. And for years full of extremes, another comes here. But I think you are absolutely right. You know that we are a website based on our investments. What is your favorite investment and why? What is the one,Who only speaks with her heart and wants to do what they do?

I think inflation. For the year in which I know that it is one of their best expressions, but understand inflation and in the boys who do well with the terms.Say the interest surface, yes, I will earn 2%or 3%. It is good. And even if you can hold it first, it is not certain, but if you calculate from a real efficiency point, HAK must also have the real return number,If you have an inflation that is 5%, so the understanding of inflation is almost as critical as the understanding of which inflation increases for interest. I'm sorry that I am quite interesting.

Yes, you don't have to worry about investing with investment persons this Wednesday, January 5, at 100: zero east.Topics and much more. You can register for free. And we would really like to see you there.

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