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Top 5 Etfs Of 2021

Top 5 Etfs Of 2021

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Top five Etf -er Vanaf

Each of the five exchange funds in our best choice in the course of the year exceeded the US stock market measured by the S&P 500, whose overall return was 23.5%in the same period.& Production ETF (XOP) with an overall return of 67.1% surface.

The most important topic that caused the performance for the five best ETFs is the boom of the year in some raw materials, especially in oil and natural gas. The public prosecutor is driven everywhere due to problems with the supply chain, but two factors have especially increased the increase inEnergy prices caused.The other is the relatively slow pace with which the organization of the oil export (Opec) has increased oil production since the delivery of central -2020.

The rally of oil and gas prices renewed the optimism of the investor for stocks in the energy sector.benefit optimism in the energy sector.

The last of the five best ETFs also benefits from rising raw material prices, especially tree prices. Liti is an important metal that is used to manufacture the batteries used in many electrical units, but used in particularly large quantities to supply electric vehicles with electricity (EV)if the sale has increased significantly this year.

  • The TOP ETF was XOP with an annual overall return of 67.1 % until December 2, 2021.xop is an exploration and production fund for oil and gas.
  • The S&P five hundred returned 23.5 % during the same period..
 Top 5 ETFs of


The five best stock market funds (ETF) of were selected from the broad spectrum of ETFs that were traded in American markets in the ETF database.selected, based on your overall annual return (YTD) from the end of the markets on December 2, 2021.

Year until Dags Rendite 67.1% Fund Description Oil and gas test and production fund Costs 0.35% Initial date nineteen June Expenses State Street

XOP follows the performance of the S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Select Industry Index, which represents the segment of oil and gas education and production (E&P) of the S&P overall market index.ETF offers companies that with exploration,Production, production, refining, marketing oil and gas work.

In more than two thirds of the fund's ownership interests, however, companies that work with research and production will be a mixed strategy that invests both in value and in growth lacquer above the cap spectrum of the market. The three best property interests are Devon EnergyCorp.(DVN), Callon Petroleum Co. (CPE) and SM Energy Co. (SM), all three are involved in the research and production of oil and gas.

This year, XOP has the wave of the optimism of the investor compared to energy companies in the meeting of oil prices. Another key factor that attracts investors to the sector is that a number of oil and gas research companies from Pandemin with a pandemin register -Money comes. It is a big change compared to previous years, with the further expansion being prioritized instead of the investors.

The precautionary measures for the cautious energy companies in which future expansion is invested can also contain the increase in the oil supply that can be maintained.

Years until the day return 54.4% Fund Description Large capsules for oil and gas funds

Storage and transport, refinement, drilling and much more are involved. According to possibility, a complete replication strategy uses, but a sample strategy is used when regulatory restrictions prevent it from repeating the index.

Most owners' interests are shares with great capacity.

Year after day return 53.5% fund description

Iye wants to measure the performance of Russell one thousand Energy RIC 22.5/45, revealed the gross dine, an index that consists of US stocks., as well as companies that offer oil and gas devices and services.

The Multi-Cap Foundation mainly focuses on value overcome the energy sector.The top boxes include Exxon Mobile, Chevron and Conoco Filips.

The fund is another ETF, which was preferred by the strong collection of oil prices and the return of the cash flows of energy companies this year.

Year after day return 51.5% fund Description Storycap Oil and gas costs

XLE has shares in companies that mainly deal with the development and production of crude oil and natural gas, as well as the reach of the holes and other energy -related services.ATTF offers the American energy sector by retaining the index of the energy sector, which is representative of theEnergy sector is intended in the S&P 500.

The fund is strongly concentrated with a few shares that consist of a large part of the portfolio, with the two top assets that make up more than 40% of the AUM.Objection if the oil prices rise, but may not be ideal as part of a long-term, buy-and-team strategy. The three best owner interests of the fund include Exxon Mobile, Chevron and Eog Resources (EOG).

Just like with the other three oil and gas and gas gas, the performance of XL is largely the result of the optimism of the investor compared to the energy sector in the middle of rapid rapid oil prices and improvements in financial use of oil and gas companies.

Year to Dags Rendite 48.5% Fund description Lithium reduction and lithium battery expenditure for 0.75% inception Date 22nd July Expenses Mirae Asset Global Investments Mirae Asset Asset Global Investments

Lit wants to follow the active global lithium index of Solar Active, which measures the performance of the largest and most fluid companies that work with Mijnlithium or in the production of lithium batteries.the production of batteries.

The majority of the fund's assets are assigned to the material sector, followed by information technology and industries. Based companies receive the greatest geographical allocation, followed by the USA, South Korea and a number of other developed economies.

The fund is aimed at micro-cap companies and follows a mixed strategy to invest both in terms of values and in growth layers. The three best ownership interests are Albemarle Corp.(Alb), a worldwide manufacturer of shares in special chemical class A to Eve Energy Co.LTd.Founded in Tokyo.

Lithium is an important metal that is used for the production of rechargeable batteries that increased the sale of EV losists in 2021.The current US government operated on EV production to combat climate change with President Joe Biden with President Joe Biden with President Joe Biden with President Joe Biden in August that he wants EV, the turnover will be 50% of all new onesVehicle sales are in 2030.

Bullic predictions for future lithium needs also contribute to burning the optimism of the investor. Mark the investor says that the lithium market in will be more than twice as high as it is expected in 2021, according to Wall StreetJournal.

The TOP ETF was XOP with an annual overall return of 67.1 % until December 2, 2021.xop is an exploration and production fund for oil and gas.The S&P five hundred returned 23.5 % during the same period.

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