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Stocks Slide Following Jobs And Inflation Data

Stocks Slide Following Jobs And Inflation Data

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Share slide after work and the inflation data

Olje, crypto, Ministry of Finance

The US programs fell under the leadership of technical shares to Nasdaq, as investors weigh up the latest inflation data that are mixed with positive news from the aviation industry.The worst priesthood in the Dow. The stocks of the Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) are 2% lower, while Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) fell for the first time in four sessions.

The flights higher. The flights have increased after participation in Air Lines. (Dal) said that flight disorders caused by the Omicron variant will soon be made easier.How the Boeing Company (BA) seven hundred and thirty-seven Max Jetliner can resume the service in China this month.

  • The USA.
  • After participation, the above sector announced profits that the air diseases caused by Omicron variants will remain stable in the evening of ten years..
 Stocks Slide Following Jobs and Inflation

Olje, Crypto, Ministry Of Finance

Electricity is flat. The price of natural gas drops in the past week after the main acquisition.

The latest rally in cryptocurrency has stopped Bitcoin, Ether and XRP trading lower.The prince is lower in the direction of the euro.

Diagram For The Price Holiday For Kindergarten

Wholesale inflation was illuminated in the past month when the cost of food and energy fell. The ERA remained the annual increase near the levels that had not been observed in 2010.

The Ministry of Labor reported that the product price index for the final demand (PPI) rose by 0.2% in December, which rose a decline in the revised 1% in the previous month.As well as the annual profit were less than the expected economists.

Core PPI, which leaves unstable food and energy prices, shot 8.3 %for years, more than expected. The final demand for services increased by 0.5 %compared to the cost of food by 0.6 %.Price increases were in transport.

The report follows yesterday to the consumer price index (CPI), which showed that inflation in retail in December rose with an annual interest rate of 7%.

Today'S Inventory, Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines, the largest income company, jumped after the results were at the top of the forecast in the fourth quarter. Delta also said that the demand for aircraft will soon increase and expects a profit for 2022. The courier expects a loss in the first quarterdue to the decline in flights caused by the spread of the omikron variant of Covid-19.

CEO Ed Bastian found that Omicron had reached the level of personnel and disorders about the disturbed industry, but said that the activities of participation were stabilized last week and had returned before the holidays.would move.

President Glen Hauensstein said that sales due to this delay are 72% to 76% of the level. He added that the extraction would resume after the presidential weekend and then again.

Delta had a turnover of 9.47 billion US dollars in the fourth quarter with one profit per year. It has been the highest quarterly income of the company since the end of when vacation and business trips improved.

The shares of Delta Air Lines have increased by 3% today. They have lost 28% of the value since the pandemic goal in 2020.

The USA.After participation, the above sector announced profits that the air diseases caused by Omicron variants will remain stable in the evening of ten years.

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