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New York City Recovery Index: Nov 30

New York City Recovery Index: Nov 30

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New York City Recovery Index: 30. November

Covid-19 recording continues to rise

  • The latest reading of the recovery index New York City from a possible score of 100..
 New York City Recovery Index: Nov

Covid-19 Recording Continues To Rise

NYC saw a significant increase in the number of KOVID nineteen income in a week of twenty-one November with an average of one hundred inputs per day, more than sixty-seven average daily access clinics. This was the highest weekly average since sixteen May asCold weather and relaxed, social science practice has included a new wave of Covid-19-case. In the New York City, 317,000 cases of copying of nineteen years and twenty-four two hundred and seventy-four deaths per year 30.November.

Despite the increase in cases, the mayor Bill Deblassio said that public schools began in December seven a phase started with basic and special educational students. It is an inverted face of a decision he has announced last week to all school with the proportionFrom New York into positive cases to connect below 3%, less than 3% reduced. The Governor Cuomo has announced five strategies on Monday to strengthen with increasing hospital when the hospital stay increases.

The growing number of cases will visit many Americans and family families for Thanksgiving.Experts are afraid that the enlarged travel of Covid-19 cases and records can improve the requirements of Covid-19 cases and records..Can increase the virus search in the coming weeks.

Unemployment In Reverse Trend In Climb

The number of initial unemployment requirements rose last week, the downtrend since September. In the week of November 23, New Yorken sent various unemployment insurance compared to last week. The number of first requirements is still 299% higher than the same period of the previous year. The number of futureUnemployment requirements will almost hang, how long and widespread potential future closure in New York due to COENDE nineteen in New York.

Waiting For The Home

Waiting for the sale of houses or in contract accommodation, this week was baptized on twenty-one November, although they are still 14%. The entire New York City went a week of twenty-one November four hundred and eighty-one houses compared to four hundred and ninety-four in the last weekAccording to data from the freedssy.brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens falls for the week. However, the district is still 20%, each 11% and 1% compared to the same period last year.

Rental Drops.

Although we have not included apartments in the index, reflecting the case in the rental car, is a small movement of recreation in New York City, which the economy is fighted by the economy.74,192 Apartments were rented at the end of October, compared to 74,685 last month.% The simultaneouslyLeaves the following year that more and more people want to leave the city.

New York City also fell the top ten cities with the most expensive postal codes with the most expensive ZIP codes, according to a single New York City Postcode with Top ten in Proppanyark report of the one hundred most expensive American postal code, a first page company, 2015began in 2015.

Subway Tab Is Stationary

The subway tab hip is relatively stationary compared to the last week of 1.5 million drivers before twenty-one November, 63%, depending on the data of MTA.TA, compared to the financing of 6.1 billion billionDollar for 2021, more than one for the third of the following year 16.1 billion US dollars, mainly due to reduced drivers.Byrån has a number of virtual hearings to discuss more ideas to discuss more ideas for traveling to MTA winners and customs income, including the implementation of a flat risk to lies the team between Long Island and New York City.So far threatened to limit the service to reject employees and eliminate monthly methods if they are not supported in the near future.

The latest reading of the recovery index New York City from a possible score of 100.

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