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Legendary Asian American Investors

Legendary Asian American Investors

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Legendary Asian American investors

From George Soros and Warren Buffett to Ray Dalio and Carl Icahn, it is a striking pattern of the world's richest and most famous investors, almost exclusively white men. But not really. However, there are a number of Asian Americans whose knowledgeful and knowledgeableRisky risk leads to particularly impressive returns.There are some of their greatest success stories.

  • Mohish Pabrai and Lu illustrate people who invest a value to increase the big wealth investment.
  • Momentum invested, who wants to use the continuation of existing market trends..
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Mohan Parars

In the value of the performance, the names invest the loom as large as for Mohish Pabra.Stem Mumbai in the 1990s a successful IT consulting company has grown and sold, Mumbai was born in sales in sales to create Pabra investment funds.

Pabrai is unique with buffets strategic children underrated companies and waits for the market to catch on the market, its location operandi pabra net value is estimated at around one hundred and fifty million US dollars.

He has also invested two popular books about the value of the value that invests DDDO investors and mosaic perspectives.


Shirram has made a name in Silicon Valley as an experienced businessman, especially as Vice President in Amazon at the beginning of the years 2000. But he also has a sharp investor, which focuses on the success of Google and later most of her shares a great payment daySold (he is still on the board of his parent company, the alphabet).

Shram born in India and studied carpet at the University of Madras, established Sherpalo Ventures in 2000. Venture Capital company identifies a promising young boat and gives her business experience to help you with blooming companies. Forbes-Pegs Shrams only 2, six billion, From 2021.

Vinod Khosla.

The success did not make Khosla easy, born in in New Delhi. As a young man, Khossa launched a soy familial milk company, which finally ran. This failure led him to the United States, where he has a master's degree in the United States, where he has a master's degree in biomedical and economicsreceived.

Khosla has continued to find more successful technical companies, including Computer Assistant Design Company Daisy Systems, Sun Microsystems and Juniper Networks.il In 2004, he founded Khossa Ventures, an investment company focused on social consequences, as well as profitability. It turned out to beA winning formula, when Khosla now has an estimated net value of 2.9 billion sec.

Alfred Lin.

Like other successful investors in this list Taiwan-born Alfred Line began his career, which started several successful companies in his case, shoes huge zappos.com, Tellme Network Speech Recognition Platform and Banner Advertising Nets LinkExchange.

Former Mathematics Ham in to the candidate student, found the capital of Sequoia, who sought young companies with the potential to disturb their respective industry. It is not surprising that the company contracts such as Airbnb, Houzz and Dooclemm as well as Airbnbnb, Houzz and Doo Oologas and theCompanies as orders of other lucrative brands.Linas is charmed net value of $ two hundred and forty-eight million.

I Am You.

The effects of investment by Gurus Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett rented Chinese born Lu basic competence for the value that invests to collect his significant personal rigdome.Seattle, .er managed the Fund, which has since been focused on listed companies in Asia.

Himalayas in maintained companies with a significant economic amount or a sustainable competitive advantage in competition. A good friend of Berkshire Hathaway Vice President Charlie Munger was often quoted as a potential successor to the buffet at the legendary company.Greeg has just worked, but who knows on the street. Net nature is estimated at around $ two hundred million.

Sonal Desai.

In the global interest income, some economies have lost a record that makes Sonal Desai. As Chief Investment Officer in Franklin Templeton leads you various teams, including those with urban, business and money market debts.

However, it was not the right way to invest. With a Ph.D.I economy, she worked in the International Monetary Fund in six years before becoming a member of Templeon. And before it seemed a teacher at the University of Pittsburgh.

My work in the Academy learned to examine a number of problems and understand how they can use targeted and efficient analysis, and how they can communicate clear ideas, they told one of the company's website, in addition to bulls and bears.

Oscar Tang.

Tangs Games A successful career as an investor includes the leading asset management companies Reich & Tang, which was the first listed investment management partnership in 1987. The company was merged six years later with the New England Investment Company to the CDC AssetManagement to form.

Now Shanghai's natives have added its significant wealth ($ 3.1 billion in 2008) to support various art and cultural projects, including Tang Center, China asked the University of Columbia and Princeton University Pyog Kinmay W. Tang Center for EasternAsian art.er and his wife Agnes Hsu-Tang, has also given important financial support for the New York Historic Social Society Chinese American Exclusion / Inclusion Exhibition 2014.


If Mohish Pabrai and Lu have shown that the assets could take due of long-term positions in high-quality proportions, the deceased Gerald Tsai could move in and out of the business, which can only learn. The pioneer for momentary investment, which continues the continuation of the continuationCandrehen. The current market developments began in in the first aggressive growth point in 1959. In just six years, he accepted the SEK Fund 12.3 million Miljoen.sd.

So fast to come in the specific layers, when his relationships with them, far from looking to look a marriage or even an interesting marriage, was more like a routke with the grain line, John Brooks said about Tsai in Hansbook the Go - againstDrama and deteriorated the finale in Wall Street Bullish 60s.

After the real estate agent was established in loyalty, was founded in faithful, the Shanghai-Born Financier Manhattan Fund was established, which cooperates a skin to use two hundred and forty-seven million US dollars in capital.1987 he accepted the Financial Services Giant Primera, The first Chinese American became a member of Dow Jones Industrials.hhhan Dog at the age of seventy-nine years.

Mohish Pabrai and Lu illustrate people who invest a value to increase the big wealth investment.Momentum invested, who wants to use the continuation of existing market trends.

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