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Legendary Asian American Entrepreneurs

Legendary Asian American Entrepreneurs

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Legendary Asian American entrepreneurs

Asian Americans have helped to create some of the most profitable companies in the world.

Here are some immigrants and Americans of the Asian descent, which have the most affected business activities. The net value comes from their publication date.

  • The richest Asian Americans is currently Eric Yuan, Zoom's founder, fourteen billion dollar.
  • Asian countries of originists have a dramatically shaped silicone val, from David Sun and John Tu by Kingston Technology to Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang.
  • Blass, the most successful Asian American businesswomen, is Vera Wang,The designer full of bridal collection and show stop red carpets..
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Eric Yuan.

Good for a pandemic, millions of living rooms, Eric Yuan found an increased need for teleconference software that could connect to various employees. If you relate the public by 22% of the company's company in in in 2019,Were the more than two years in more than $ nine million and San Jose-based companies a market value of more than 10-fold amount.

Born and raised in China, Yuan moved to the u.si.er continued the Zoom in 1997.

Jensen Huang.

By building your experience in PC graphics, Huang Nvidia, helped a company to give the gaming industry. The company takes over the technology behind today's advanced computer graphics. The developed graphic processing units or the GPU, now in all computers forSelf-propelled cars are used.

Huang, born in Taiwan, moved to the United States and Maintenance Technical Diplomas of Oregon State University and Stanford University. After working with LSI logic and advanced micro units, he founded Nvidia 1993.

Shahid Khan.

Football fans probably know Khan as a great owner of NFL Jacksonville Jaguars.His great wealth, however, is manufactured in a small, spotty industrial car piece. Born in Pakistan and trained at the University of Illinois, to work for Flex-N-Gate, where he bought Cofaner.han the company in 1980, and madeIt is one of the biggest cars in North America.

With a fortune in the ball park of eight billion US dollars, Khan has powered a number of different passions. In addition to the Summit of Jaguars 2012, he worked all elite wrestling together, a professional break entertainment company with his son and helped the bankroll on the 24-hourBlack News Channel 2020.

Jay Chaudhry.

Sometimes the serial term of serial entrepreneurs refers to a person with traces of failed companies behind them. Jay Chaudhry is not the case, which is built strictly with successful companies. It has been established TechnologyInma Airdeise, Cifferstest, CoreTharbor and SecuretyTythallbig business was acquired.There are also founder and CEO of San Jose bath ZSCaler, a cloud-based security platform with a value of $ twenty-five billion.

I am in the opening of the desktops in the same way as our employees, Chaudhry once said in an interview with information with Alejandro Cremades.Det sends a strong message.

David Sun In John Tu

Things that are so gloomy and TU, cooperating computer memory chip maker Camints Corporation as they lost all personal savings on black Monday 1987.The two men who both traveled in Taiwan knew that the crisis would not follow the history of the crisis, but presented.

If you sold your start to solve your economic dilemma, you called the two remaining progress in a new venture kingston technology.idag.Your company is one of the largest manufacturers in memory of the computer and the department store in the world, and the two entrepreneurs are the total wealth of more than eight billion US dollars.

Sun Hongbin.

Hongbin is the founder and the head of the Chinese property Great SUNAC China Holdings, which finances everything from advanced residential areas to places and amusement park.The native home in Shanxi province, now an American is an estimated value of $ 7.3 billion.From 2021, to Forbes.

The latest success of Hongbine marks a remarkable fortune after earlier career and personal problem. It was arrested to confuse the early 1990s while working for Lenovo and in prison for almost two years.And for Chinese real estate in 2006But he found Rescue with SUNAC, which has grown into the fourth largest real estate company of Fastland.

Patrick Snel-Shiong

The development of a groundbreaking terrain medicament would be a career manufacturer for almost all researchers soon, soon Shiong, the Abraxane met in the 1990s, was only the beginning. For Bio-Informatica Business Nanthelet.

Born in South Africa, parents who emigrated from China, he has more than five hundred patents worldwide and has published more than one hundred peer review articles, according to immunityBio site.nar-shionG, who used his financial assets to buy Los Angeles timesAnd San Diego Union Tribune has lived in Southern California for more than four decades.

Vinod Khosla.

Khosla, along with colleagues Stanford Graduate Student Andy Bechtolsheim and Scott McNee, created Sun Microsystems at the beginning of 1980.Det the idea of the structured workstations based on images that could support office automation, computer-aided design and robotics.

After leaving the management team of the company, Khosla was a risk capital provider with a preference to go to business giants that appeared unaffectedly unaffected. Supported the Data Processor Storm Nexgen, which was bought by AMD in the 1990s, and became a successful competitorIn Intel .s, he helped to start the Juniper network to challenge the Cisco dominance of the router market.

Originally from India, the entrepreneur Khosla Ventures formed in 2004, which focuses on a mix of profitable companies and organizations trying to give a positive social sequence.

Jerry Vem.

When Jerry Yang completed his technical program in Stanford in Stanford in Stanford in the mid-90s to start Yahoo, the Internet came into the general public consciousness. It ended a very good step, with the company with around twenty billion US dollars at around$ twenty billion was estimated, and he has left his plate (Verizon bought the Internet company for 4.5 billion people. DKK) has since then on the start of Ame Cloud Ventures, an investment company, which comes home-powered startups.

In Taiwan in Taiwan in the United States was found in ten years ago, Yang has used some of more than $ two billion US dollars to support cultural projects. It contains a gift of $ twenty-five million for the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, The largest in his story.

Vera Wang.

Wang built his name as an outstanding designer of wedding clothes and style Guru, who has learned everything from Michelle Obama to shade Therron and Halle Berry on the red carpetus events.But she turned a businesswoman as talented because she is a trend because she is a trend knife.

Although she built his brand on the design of the rich and famous Wangs, the daughter of immigrants from China later led their ideas to the fair thanks to the partnership with the department store of Kohl, Zales, David's Bride and Lord Wearhouse.

The richest Asian Americans is currently Eric Yuan, Zoom's founder, fourteen billion dollar. Asian countries of originists have a dramatically shaped silicone val, from David Sun and John Tu by Kingston Technology to Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang.Blass, the most successful Asian American businesswomen, is Vera Wang,The designer full of bridal collection and show stop red carpets.

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