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Financial And Economic Records Broken In 2021

Financial And Economic Records Broken In 2021

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Business and finance goods broken


was a really unusual year. A year after ,.

Due to structural restrictions and production holes caused by COVID-19, this led to the demand for consumers for various disorders, deviations and registration prices in certain markets.

Here we look back to and evaluate some of the most important articles that were broken last year.

  • When the global economy of Doldrum occurred by Covid19 pandemic, there was also a lot of record accumulation and contract entry from 2021, encoded as a company and banker to compensate for the lost time until 2020..
 Financial and Economic Records Broken in


Inflation refers to a general increase in price compared to an economy.Dollar.

Since the 2008-09 financial crisis and the most important recession, which was quite low in the United States and in large parts of the world. Solid as the central banks lowered interest rates to stimulate demand by 2020.

However, when consumers shop again in spring 2021, the prices began to grow up. This is attributed to manufacturers who are switched back or forced to be closed due to COVID that have not resigned in time. At the same time, the shipping costs and snapshots in thePorts in the world to the additional price increases together with delays and French supply chains.

In late summer it was clear that inflation was above us, although some economists and central banks asked for caution that this would only be a temporary increase if the economy was increasing again, but it became clear that the increasing prices had proven.Us -Bureau or work statistics (BLS), one of the primary inflation index called Consumer Price Index (CPI), according to the 1980s.From the end of November 2021, the CPI index is located on a record high of 278.88.


Although inflation has set something of your wallet, you may also have found that your investments and pension portfolio have made it quite nice..

After a first serious sale in March 2020, when Covid met for the first time, the shares listened to $ 36,565 by and until 2021.From home, online order and telecommunications conference became more than one standard.

Ipo -Er

After the stock markets set fire, the companies hurried to become public and sell their stocks via lists at record speed.

A record subsidy company collected more than one billion US dollars about the IPO. In total, the register of one billion US dollars was collected via preliminary public offers and direct lists this year.

Fusions And Acquisitions

It is no surprise that global mergers and acquisitions in have also broken objects. Business combinations and private equity offers were more than 40,000 transactions with an overall rating of more than six trillion dollars.

One reason for this increase in the agreements can be attributed to playing the collection, since the mergers of the previous year and the purchasing volume were suppressed, with only $ 3.6 trillion offers were completed by 2020.

Waste Bonds

It was not just a year of registration for the extent for stocks ...

Unwanted bonds are relatively risky guilty documents that are classified as an investment quality for the loan office. This means that there is a greater probability of a standard, but there is also a higher return to compensate for investors for this additional risk if the interest ratesRemain low and search for the inflation trends for investors looking for dividends wanted to defeat these records about new risky debts.

House Prices

Real estate was another sector who experienced record prices in 2021. If people with Covid Lock hunt, it is increasingly important to find the right house to recognize.At the same time, low interest rates meant that mortgage loans were still affordable, which the fuel award has no longer existed since the 2007-08 home crisis.

Real estate prices really started in the early summer with a record of 19.7% in July (before the real estate bubble rose by 14.51% in September 2005).2 in September 2021.

Car Prices

The households also bought a record for new cars for new cars in 2021.In September 2001, according to Kelley Blue Book (KBB), the average price of a new car in the USA was $ 45,000, an increase of more than 12% compared to the same period by 2020.

Used car dealers also experienced stickers. The average price in the USA spoke for almost 25% in just one year for $ 25,829.

The aid prices for cars are a lack of camps, global supply chains, delays in foreign shipping and a lack of microstiles that are required to control modern technical vehicles.


The cryptom market also founded new goods in 2021, with the total value of cryptocorate reaching three trillion dollars in November 2021. In terms of Bitcoin remained the most valuable of all cryptocoles that dominated more than 40% of the total market capital. After the BTC prices inNovember of more than 64,000 US dollars had returned, the BTC prices rose to a little less than $ 68,500 before retiring.

November also Ieter, the token for Ethereum Blockchain, reached the record of 4,850 US dollars. Manages more than a fifth of the entire crypto market value.

Various other cryptocurse, old coins and tokens also increased on objects in the world in the world in the world room.


In the United States, the congress must approved all costs that result from the question of state debts. This can sometimes lead to a political chicken game, with the risk of a harmful closure of the government or an excellent violation, since the level of the new debt (was not approved as the debt limit).

As before, this dead food appeared in October with a final decision that increased the debt limit to a record of 28.9 trillion dollars.

When the global economy of Doldrum occurred by Covid19 pandemic, there was also a lot of record accumulation and contract entry from 2021, encoded as a company and banker to compensate for the lost time until 2020.

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