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Elizabeth Warren'S Economic Plan

Elizabeth Warren'S Economic Plan

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The financial plan of Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts late. In December 2018, Elizabeth Warren announced that she would run for the Presidency to sweep large, structural changes. However, she completed its promotion for the president.

Our country is at the same time with the crisis for small ideas, she said in June on the democratic democratic convention of California.The entire structure of our system has benefited the rich and Mighty, a problem you give, and it is clearly painful.

According to the professor of the 71-year-old Lamolan of Harvard Lamsolan, which is known that bank managers and spider head of consumer protection (CFPB), the problems of America, as weapons and racist wealth, all with one thing, the strength concentrated in theHands of rich and rich.

Warren's Embassy after Presidential campaign was the system that was added, and it must be destroyed and returned. If it is seen as a radical philosophy, the direction of them disappointed with other democratic leaders.

  • Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusett's race for the democratic candidate to the president of election cycle.
  • She fell at night that Joe Biden was finally won, its economic level is still considered a template for the democratic party platform.
  • Warren, the only largest, structuralParty change in America is an honest safe and wealthy company of its economic and economic system..
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Good, Big, Big

Warren has expressed the concept of financial patriotism in order to describe a government that is set up the interests of employees and medium-sized classes against the financial sector and gigantic, multinational enterprise priority.

Washington has lived a simple rule for decades if it's good for Wall Street, it's good for the economy, she wrote in a middle entry that claims that the financial sector of the economy has sucked instead of enjoying it instead of itto enjoy.

Warren planned to focus private equity companies so they would be for arms investments on the catch rather than stretching with clear sweepstakes, expanding the sub-cut families and courageous governors who have a real-time payment system for daily transport, tooIf it is possible that large banks are damaged.

Warren also searched for new execution rules for the banking industry and monitoring of bank information for the monitoring and limitation of corporate companies that have achieved record levels. As capital gains for taxes and Warren planned to close it. This is a former President Donald Trump.

Warren also promised, powerful monopolies in technology, banking and agricultural sectors by defeating FERCES-border mergers, approved legislation, such as important technical platforms such as Alphabet Inc.s (Google)) Marketplace Legal set of platform tools, the vertically integrated agribrusse like TysonFoods (Tysn) disturbed, and press the 21st century glass steahall fact that prevents investment banks from access the tax-related insurance.

Budgetary Debt And Well-Being

Warren tried to reduce budget debt through wages and reduce costs that reduce rent, health care, childcare, etc., etc. Recommend the minimum wage of the federal government of fifteen US dollars near race and gender and employees throughSupport for trade to increase trade unions and at least trade unions to offer 40% of the members of the Executive Board in large American companies.

Warren also introduced an invoice that would cancel $ six hundred and forty billion from the current student debt, which contributes 95% of the forty-five million people billed.hon also seemed to the training of all public technical schools, two-year universities andto lead four-year universities.

When the debt roof is a hungry concern, Warren said that she would disappear whether it is automatically increased by the government's cost sites. Also told for a single salary, Medicare for all systems provided by Rival Sen.Bernie Sander.He said it would cost fifty-two trillion dollars for a decade, including 20.5 trillion US dollars, including the new federal costs and saves $ eleven trillion in the same period.

Trade And Production.

Although trump and production strategy is freely simplified and focused on the determination of the trade deficit with the rates, Warren was dictated in the trading policy of America, which would be dictated by the need to protect employees, farmers and the environment.

America goes into trade negotiations with enormous influence, as America is the most attractive market in the world, she wrote in another medium-sized contribution that refers to the patriotism of the economy. In the president, I will not give the growing purposes of America for her own slimUse and use it to create and defend good American jobs, salaries and agricultural yields, climate change, lower benefits and greater living standards worldwide.

What would have seen from politics? Transparent trade negotiations with more involvement of public, working, environmental and consumer groups on consulting committees, working and environmental standards for trading partners, a multilateral agreement on the protection of domestic green WTO challenge, contact approval, reduced exclusivity times forPharmaceutical Agreements, Affordable Prices for Goods and Skipes of US Goods, improved border regulations for imports of food imports, final investor bill (ISD), laws that ensure that the comments are installed by employees and a new Federal Office, etc.

When it comes to production, Warren suggests a green production plan that the government has received, which has invested in ten years of two trillion US dollars in green research, production and export.


The green production plan of Warren would have been paid with a good operating result, which prevents the company from abusing meshes. This plan reported that good American companies reported more than one hundred million, immediate profits (domestic and foreign domestic) to investors to investorswould be charged to investors to the investors, due to any profit on their obligations under tax regulations. The research at the Warren's Campaign Campaign of California Berkeley said that the tax in ten years one trillion of $ 1Trillion traveled.

In terms of the health plan, Warren warred in the middle class no ear.The new EschingMedicare subsidy program would have traveled $ 8.8 billion to $ 8.8 billion, and the companies would have used 98% of the amount theyUsually spend health insurance policies for the Federal Government.Processor with less than fifty employees have been released unless they have already been paid for health care and large companies with extremely high-caliber compensation and repurchase weapons.

For example, the rest of the money would be increased differently in different ways depreciation of business products and prosperity tax.

Warren's proposed wealth tax laws was a new concept for most Americans. The most important will increase another tax from 2% to 6% on household networks of more than $ fifty million, has increased and affected more than ten years three trillion US dollars and affects 0, 1% of the population. Additional investments in the internal Revenue Service (IRS) would require.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusett's race for the democratic candidate to the president of election cycle. She fell at night that Joe Biden was finally won, its economic level is still considered a template for the democratic party platform. Warren, the only largest, structuralParty change in America is an honest safe and wealthy company of its economic and economic system.

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