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Costco (Cost) Option Traders Tempering Expectations

Costco (Cost) Option Traders Tempering Expectations

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Costco (cost option manager moderates the expectations

Investors suffered from the stock prices of the Costco Corporation (costs) after the Big Box Store reported an income in early December. The income report led to more prices for retail.Maktober and November.

At first glance, it seems that alternatives are making their efforts because the Costco content can revise its 52-week high, since it recently placed in mid-December.The results of the results of the results of the results of the results of the results of the results of a damn appearance are rejected.

Although the open interest in Costco takes place at first glance, a further analysis of the latest open interests and the impact of the implicit volatility sells option dealers conversation options and buyers.

  • The Costco share remains in an extension of the channel.
  • The open interest seems to be addicted at first glance, but has a certain rigid Baissue in further investigations.
  • The conversation options remained slightly higher than the volatility -based support and level of resistance, which offer a greater function for the disadvantage..
 Costco (COST) Option Traders Tempering

Short Analysis

This graphic shows the price campaign for Costco for a period of three months. Yedes light is a trading day. The blue lines are a historical volatility area, which is formed by 20-day Celtner channel indicators that display the price levels that add added value of the average realRepresent space (ATR) for costco shares.Must recognize the volatility tire area.This means that trust in the Costco -Sharing Prize can wiggle.

From the left of the diagram, the Costco share acted relatively reach, which is illustrated by Blue Channel. Selbst If he had exceeded the sliding average for more than twenty days, the stock was never too far from the center of the volatility area. This also helps to emphasize how to emphasize howThe extensive trend was strong and how pronounced the latest expansion of the volatility area is.

The Costco share started an upward trend in mid-October and rose to the extreme heights in the volatility area. This trend took place until the end of November and illustrated by the green arrow.

At the end of the upward trend, the Costco content fell below the 20-day slid average, but has been driven over this area since then. The time was the greatest extension of volatility.

The last month was the highest price for Costco Promotion $ 566.65, in mid -December, marked by the green balloon. This is also fifty-two weeks high for the costco content. The lowest share price during this period was 514.04 USD in early DecemberDecember, marked by the red balloon.

It is noteworthy that the costs for the first quarter of tax policy have reported an income. Analysts expected the company to apply for an income per year of $ 2.67 per year.Share (EPS) and 49.8 billion US dollars in sales.After reporting income by more than 6%.

The Celtner channel indicator shows a set of half-parallel lines based on a 20-day lubrication value and an upper and lower line.A multiple ATR from the average price results in an excellent visualization instrument in the image of historical volatility.

Alternative Analyse

The latest trading volume of Costco, which is based on discussions, sets up at first glance.Buy higher prices, in contrast to speculative, cheap calls.

Open interest rates can lead to larger contexts with setting retailers. The current open interest in Costco has 122,000 calls compared to 117,000 sentences. At first glance, this also seems to be a bit of a house.

For the open interest of Costco, the PUT/Call ratio has increased by 5.4%in the last five days. In the same period, the total interest rates decreased by 12%, while the open interest rate was thrown by 14%and the open interest rate by 10%This means that fewer retailers are willing to place games in general at Costco, but those who make efforts for the disadvantage.

Before January 21, the option of the next month is the expiry date, the only option with the highest open interest rates five hundred and fifty $ 3,900.The highest open interest rate is $ five hundred and twenty with $ 3,100. This means a disadvantage of 4% for the current share prices at Costco.

In view of the possibilities for the money and a strike in both directions in the optical chain, there are five times more calls than in the open interest before January 21st.From far beyond the money, which may have numbers, which may have paid by speculators and option buyers who collect the price.

An important measure for the vote of the alternative in the open interest is presented for volatility. For alternatives that end on January 21, volatility indicates that retailers call and sell copper rates. This is due to the fact that the call options forCalls increase openly, while the proposed volatility decreases, which indicates that retailers sell more contracts in short positions in the possibility. Ins view of the open interest in the determination of alternatives, while the proposed volatility also increases, this indicates that retailers indicateAdd the possibility to long positions.

When considering the implementation of the volatility, it is useful to understand a concept called volatility. Sehr Basse -like Costco. This is due to the fact that the implicit volatility of the disadvantages increases quickly compared to upward problems, and the costs for the cost.The trend can also be seen. The growing volatility belts in the diagram visually.

The following diagram shows alternatives to the money that runs on January 21.The Green Box represents the prices for the price options, which means that 36% of the likelihood that Costco shares will be closed or higher at the point of sale.are lower.


The markets have experienced the recent volatility in the long term due to various factors. For investors, the long-term effects of the omikron variant of Covid-19 are afraid, inflation cannot be ignored..

The mention of the planned increase in interest rates is referred to as part of a bicycle, which is referred to as a sectorrotation.

The following diagram compares the recent achievements with the costco content with Inescos Nasdaq-ETF (QQQ), State Streets S&P five hundred Index ETF (Spy) and consumer staples sector ETF (XLP) .QQQ and SPY hold most inCostco, while Costco in Costco in Costco remains in Costco) While Costco in Costco) is a top five inventory for XLP.

This diagram helps to emphasize how the Costco content has retained a longer, stronger upward trend than QQQ and spy. In the past month the costco share has dropped by 0.5%, while Spy and QQ 1%or.Have thrown 2.5.In the meantime, XLP has increased by 2.7%during this period. This may mean that investors switch to sectors that have worked historically better in the inflation times, but could see Costco shares at short notice after they recently reached new heightshad.

The Costco share remains in an extension of the channel.The open interest seems to be addicted at first glance, but has a certain rigid Baissue in further investigations. The conversation options remained slightly higher than the volatility -based support and level of resistance, which offer a greater function for the disadvantage.

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