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American Express (Axp) Shareholders Exit Ahead Of Report

American Express (Axp) Shareholders Exit Ahead Of Report

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American Express (AXP) share shareholders before the report

Dow Component American Express Company (AXP) Report The fourth quarter of goals takes on Tuesdays on analysts, which expect a profit of $ 1.30 billion per share of $ 9.32 billion. If it is a profit ofprofit pro.aksje (EPS) a profit of 36% compared to the same quarter paid in 2020.The shares fell by 16% in six meetings after the lack of three-thirds in October, with investors who jumped in response to an answer to an answer of 20.4% of the decline in sales and the stubborn high loan reserves.

  • American Express is huge for business travel and leisure travel.
  • The company reports Tuesday the fourth quarter of revenue.
  • The production distribution under the surface is slightly upwards..
 American Express (AXP) Shareholders Exit Ahead of

Amex Performance.

Amex Performance is true for business and leisure tours as a rivality visa Inc. (V) and Mastercard processed (MA). This focus offered a competitive advantage when Jumbo Jets transported the vadrage employees across the planet, now a big head winds with pandemicMarked with pandemic and forces the company in virtual meeting rooms.This digital activity will probably take a long time will probably continue after the virus performs the course, given the large savings in business trips.

The company reported the progress of lending volume in December with the American map members, which lend a net revolutionary rate in November from 1.6% from 1.9%.Used business cards Net boards are performed even better, durable to 1.5% of 2.3%.Month.Layer more than thirty days Delayed in both segments in the range of 0.7% to 1.0%, significantly lower than 1.6% to 1.7% reach earlier in the pandemic.

Wall Street Consensens has been mixed for several months, with an overweight rating based on eleven purchases, thirteen teams and a recommendation of a seller. The open Monday raised less than $ four thousand during the mean goals of $ 130.This modest mode appears appropriately, given the depth of the other pandemiegolf and the very slow vaccine around the planet.

The payment amount is often used to describe a situation in which a borrower has the expiration date for a single planned payment for financing, such as studies, mortgages, credit card balances or car loans, and unsecured personnel loans.Je in the nature of the loan, duration and theThe cause of the disease there are consequences for crimes.

American Express Weekly Chart (20132021)

Burst shares in addition to with $ 65.89 in and in the middle of the mid-1990s a last end of 2017. Pricing measures completed an outbreak in the second half of 2018, which in January to 138.13 $ impressiveGains produced.

Pandemic decline failed, Amex dropped since elections on the lowest layer, while June jumps back in three quarters of the loss. The store was good in October for a higher layer and was taken over in November in ninePoints in High Last week was issued. This is now exceeded .786 Fibonacci sale of return levels that closes rapid progress by 100% retracement.

However, the volume says a bearish history with the balance sheet in the balance sheet in the balance (OV), which includes a sales shaft in December, even though the price has existed the earth since then, they are before the cases in March, as the portfolio nearly forty pointsWar, lower deviations stop a rally in the previous height, but it warns that the task of shaking the country prone to a deep look, which can begin at any time.

Divergence, if the price for a fortune in the opposite direction of a technical indicator, for example an oscillator or movement, in contrast to other data.Dolls warn that the current price trend can weaken, and in some cases it can lead in some cases in the direction direction the direction of the directional price change.

American Express is huge for business travel and leisure travel.The company reports Tuesday the fourth quarter of revenue.The production distribution under the surface is slightly upwards.

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